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Thanks for your interest in our office. ​Gray Chiropractic is a full-service natural health care facility offering traditional chiropractic care, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, acupuncture, designed clinical nutrition, massage therapy, and health-related support products.
We specialize in the care and treatment of short and long-term pain conditions. Whether you are young or old, we are trained in the latest, safe and effective techniques designed to get you well and keep you active. We also want to help you keep your pain from coming back.
We are located at 3800 S Elizabeth St, Ste F, Independence, MO 64057. You can reach us at (816) 795-1121; or email us directly at
In a suburb, just east of Kansas City, we offer full service natural health care. Services provided include traditional chiropractic care, acupuncture, designed clinical nutrition and nutritional counseling, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and rehabilitation. Our staff has 45+ years of experience in addressing your natural health care needs. By going beyond the western medical concept of health, we concentrate on discovering the underlying cause of “disease” rather than focusing on your symptoms. Although symptoms are important as a tool to investigate your health status, they are but one aspect of an overall picture.
We are not here to “sell” you a program, or tell you what to do. As opposed to what you get from your traditional medical doctor, we listen to you, and give you straight-forward advice on what your options are. As your doctor, we work for you. We can’t make you follow our advice, and you can choose to fire us or ignore our advice at any time… so long as you understand that you are responsible for the consequences of your actions. It is our responsibility to make intelligent decisions and recommendations based on our findings in your consultation and examinations. It is then your responsibility to choose what you want to do with that information. If you choose to follow our recommendations, and wish us to provide care, we will do so.
We have and use multiple methods of examination depending on your individual situation and health care goals. Neurological exams, orthopedic exams, physical exams, chiropractic specific exams, Ryodoraku meridian graphing exams, heart rate variability exams, and x-rays are just a few of the investigation techniques we have at our disposal to diagnose your condition. Using a combination of these, we can accurately diagnose your current health status and design an individual health care program that will address your concerns and guide you towards your goal.
Treatment methods available in our clinic include: traditional chiropractic care, acupuncture (needle and needle-free), meridian therapy, massage therapy, designed clinical nutrition, nutritional counseling, short-wave diathermy, interferential electrotherapy, intersegmental traction, long-axis traction (decompression), infrasound, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and others. With such a wide variety of treatment modalities at our disposal, we can design an individual treatment program that will address your specific complaints. Our goal is to help you achieve your health care goals, whether they be short-term, long-term, temporary, permanent, strictly natural, or blended western.
As a courtesy, we will file your insurance claims for you. However, please realize that your insurance plan is an agreement between you, your employer, and the insurance company. We are not a party to your contract, and you are ultimately responsible for any costs incurred for the services we provide. We are participating providers for all but a couple area insurance plans, so there is rarely a problem. However, insurance companies are in business to make money by taking in premiums and limiting the payment of claims. If your insurance company refuses to honor their obligations, please don’t blame us when they stick you with the responsibility for payment.
We’re looking forward to working with you, or helping in any way we can.
Best wishes!
Dr. Gray, Dr. Sonsiadek, and the rest of the staff
Dr. Gray
We are in-network providers with Aetna, BC/BS, Medicare, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, United Healthcare, OneHealth, PHCS, PHP, First Health and most other insurance plans! We do the billing for you!