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Dr. Gray
"The more you understand your health, the more you can control it... this is doubly important when there is so much misinformation, confusing information, and downright lies out there. If you know why you have pain, then you can more effectively take steps to relieve it. If you know why you're sick, you can more effectively treat it. YOU'RE NOT IN PAIN BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T HAD ENOUGH PAIN MEDS YET! Stop unplugging the 'check engine' light, and start addressing the cause.
We have developed a fantastic working relationship with the medical community to integrate less invasive treatment methods into your arsenal. We work WITH your other health care professionals to make sure you get the best care possible."
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- from Dr. Gray and Dr. Sonsiadek
The origin of the word "doctor" means teacher. We're putting the teacher back in the health care world. Use the buttons at the top to navigate through the site, and feel free to let us know if there is any other information that you'd like to see.
Take advantage of the information provided on and through this site to learn more about how you can take control of your health. The term "disease" means exactly what it says - "dis-" and "-ease." In other words, the absence of health... not necessarily the presence of pain or symptoms. Too often, I hear about patients who could have avoided costly health problems with a few very simple preventative measures.
Once health problems or pain have appeared, we are too quick to grab the nearest pharmaceutical intervention to minimize our discomfort. Unfortunately, this often perpetuates or makes the underlying problem worse. Only by researching your condition and learning how to care for yourself do you obtain the ability to truly take control of your future...
and the ability to live a long, healthy, active life.